TechWorks is the Crown Prince Foundation’s flagship innovation platform. It is a public, society-based digital Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) with the mission of bringing together youth, ideas, and resources to unleash the power of Jordan’s innovation ecosystem. Through creating a sustainable, highly integrated ecosystem that encompasses the entire innovation process – from discovery and ideation through to design, development, and commercialization – TechWorks seeks to support young innovators on multiple levels, enabling them to design, engineer, and manufacture just about anything.

As a public and open-source facility, TechWorks aims at empowering young innovators, designers, artists, and tinkerers to create new products and solutions, learn advanced techniques and mechanisms, foster youth ingenuity and resilience, form strategic partnerships, alleviate systematic challenges facing innovators, and globalize local innovations. The purpose of TechWorks is to enable transformation on an individual, community, ecosystem, and industry level, whereby the lab operates under four key development pillars:

(1) Education (2) Startups and Spin-offs (3) Community Engagement and Development (4) Advancement of Economic Sectors and Industries

Design is an essential element of digital fabrication without which the process would not be possible. That said, TechWorks maintains a pool of qualified designers and works on linking them – as needed- with makers and innovators thus establishing its role as an ecosystem enabler that caters to the challenges and needs of creating prototypes and/or products.

For more information, please contact 07 9100 0110