The Coloured Box

Natalia Janbek

Three years ago, I started piecing together my small business with a simple goal: identifying exciting toys that are loved by both infants/toddlers and child development experts.

The result of my work was The Coloured Box. Each box is age-specific, designed by experts, and includes fun toys and books as well as lists of their benefits and developmental milestones.

Curious little minds acquire essential skills through play. Keeping track of what and when a child is expected to achieve certain milestones helps parents monitor their children’s progress and detect any delays or weaknesses at an early stage. With five boxes to lean on covering ages newborns to five-year-old children, I moved one step ahead; a board game! I joined efforts with Atfalona Center for Child Development and worked on developing a board game that raises awareness amongst children on how to protect against the Coronavirus; Coronapoly! The game was inspired by the need to engage children more effectively to keep our Jordan, Corona free.

Today, I am taking on new challenges, more eco-friendly solutions and more open ended imagination boosting toys. I also want to incorporate Arabic into those toys and identify more local businesses to work with. The experience of playing with toys and games, and the vast concepts and skills they tackle, will remain forever part of children’s achievements and memories. Being part of this journey is both heartwarming and humbling!