Sujood Darabkeh

In the following lines, I’ll be giving you a little glimpse of myself, my passion and the reasons I do what I’m doing. My name is Sujood Darabkeh and for as long as I can remember, fashion and design were always my escape, my safe haven and the activity that enabled me to turn my questions into answers and my vision and ideas into something tangible.

Since I was young, I treated my closet as my personal art gallery and the pieces I design as my little artworks. I decided to pursue my college education in visual arts and fashion design, and to put my academic education into practise. I made sure I kept myself busy, participating in awards targeting rising fashion designers like KHAYT (2019), which I ended up winning. In addition to this, I was a participant in Jordan fashion week.

What is the meaning of CORE?
The center core is there as a metaphor for the sun, the female version of the moon. It’s from her that the light and creativity stem and the spirit of renovation ignites. And despite her obvious outer shine, not everyone is capable of detecting her inner grace and beauty. It takes someone who believes in her and loves her deeply and truly to see it.

Why are we ethical and sustainable?
I believe that every one of us, in whatever field we operate in, should consider the way they live and function to be eco-friendly and to put the environment as a top priority. Stemming from my personal beliefs and interests in human and animal rights, and veganism (where I’ve turned vegan 10 years ago), and due to my awareness of the seriousness of the current threats on our environment, my designs are starting to take an eco-friendly and a sustainable shift. In my fashion collection, I tried my best to be eco-friendly and ethical in the fabrics used and the fact that it’s mainly sustainable fashion that could be used over and over again.

Who is the target audience?
My personal brand targets women who are aware consumers, the ones who study carefully what they put on their bodies. My targeted audience and age group is every brave woman and young lady, ones who look forward to trying new and special things, and ones who don’t settle for the ordinary.

The best moment while working on a new design has to be when I have that moment of epiphany where the inspiration for the next collection ignites and the process in which this inspiration is being translated into tangible results. Starting off by structuring the collage art with a certain common theme and then have it printed on fabrics to result in final products that are unique and special to Sujood Darabkeh only”